Do MovaNext bicycle carriers fit on the Brink towbar?

The MovaNext bike carriers fit on the Brink bike carrier solution. To make sure it fits your towbar, contact Brink of check their website for the latest update.



My car has a 7-pin towbar, what can I do ?

Use a 13-pin to a 7-pin adapter, which is available as accessory.

How fast can I drive with the bike carrier attached on the car, loaded with bikes?

A recommended speed of maximum 130 km/hour.

I lost my key, what can I do?

Check the lock number attached to the lock. Contact dealer and request a new one.

Where can I find the user manual for my MovaNext bike carrier?

You can find the manuals on the product pages. Check the version of your MovaNext bike carrier and go to the specific page:

What is the warranty on a MovaNext bike carrier?

Find out more about the warranty on MovaNext bike carriers.

Where to buy a MovaNext bike carrier?

Find your MovaNext dealer or distributors through our dealer search tool.

How are MovaNext bicycle carriers tested?

The MovaNext bicycle carriers are tested on their safety, functionality and reliability. Bicycle carriers have an E4 Approval issued by RDW Netherlands (Division Vehicle Regulation & Admission). Indes Bike Parts Quality Management System complies to the requirements for Conformity of Production as described in UNECE R26.

Lux PlusLux PlusLux Plus

Compact, secure and tiltable


Light, compact and easy to use

Vision PlusVision PlusVision Plus

Compact, secure and tiltable, with full-LED


Light, compact and easy to use, with full-LED