About MovaNext


The birth of MovaNext

The MovaNext bike carrier has its roots firmly planted in the heart of innovation, crafted and assembled in the Netherlands. It all began with Indes, an industrial design and product development company, in partnership with visionary collaborators who embarked on a mission to engineer the perfect solution for transporting e-bikes behind your car.

In 2008, Indes, in close collaboration with the Dutch distributor Multinational Sales, gave life to the MovaNext e-bike carrier. This groundbreaking creation stood out in the market as it was purpose-built for e-bikes, a unique concept at the time.

Setting new standards

MovaNext bike carriers were unique at that time, offering a remarkable combination of high weight capacity for e-bikes, an exceptionally lightweight design, and a user-friendly experience. The ingenious patented clamping and folding mechanism made mounting a breeze, setting a new standard in convenience and functionality.



The evolution of MovaNext over the years

Since the inception of the original MovaNext, Indes has consistently pushed the boundaries of innovation, refining and enhancing the product with each iteration:

  • 2008: We introduced the M1, marking the initial foray into the market.
  • 2010: Building on the success of the M1, we launched the M2, featuring a reduced weight for improved ease of use.
  • 2012: The M3 was born, incorporating key enhancements to align with the evolving design trends of e-bikes. This meant accommodating lighter e-bikes with diverse frame designs and varying battery positions.
  • 2014: In a significant leap forward, Indes unveiled an entirely new product line, the MovaNext M4, encompassing the MovaNext Lux and MovaNext Lux Plus. We took a fresh approach, developing a brand-new product from the ground up while retaining all the strengths of previous versions. The result? The most compact and lightweight e-bike carrier yet.
  • 2014 (Continued): The M4 product line also introduced LED lights to both the MovaNext Vision and MovaNext Plus Vision Plus models. This groundbreaking innovation earned our new model the prestigious REDDOT Design Award. The jury’s statement perfectly captures the essence of MovaNext: “MovaNext has a high quality of form and delights with its well-conceived and comfortable functionality.”

At MovaNext, our commitment to innovation has been the driving force behind our journey, consistently raising the bar for e-bike carriers in terms of design, functionality, and user satisfaction.


MovaNext today

From its humble beginnings in the Netherlands, MovaNext has evolved into a symbol of reliability, utility, and enduring success. Today, our carriers have found homes across Europe, a testament to their unwavering performance.

Pioneering Progress

MovaNext is a brand of Indes Bike Parts. Indes Bike Parts remains at the forefront of innovation, continually enhancing our product line to align with the ever-evolving landscape of bike design. Through these upgrades, MovaNext ensures compatibility with an even broader range of bike types and wheel sizes, reaffirming our commitment to providing the perfect solution for every cyclist.

Lux PlusLux PlusLux Plus

Compact, secure and tiltable


Light, compact and easy to use

Vision PlusVision PlusVision Plus

Compact, secure and tiltable, with full-LED


Light, compact and easy to use, with full-LED