Q,  I’ve installed my carrier but the carrier seems to be slanted, how do I fix this?

A, All MovaNext products are adjusted to the standard towbar of 50mm. If you have a different size or shape, you can easily change this yourself. Detailed instructions can be found in the user manual
Q, A part or accessory has been broken, where can I get spare parts?
A, Parts and accessories can be ordered via your local dealer.
Q, I have two e-bikes, will your carrier be able to take the load?
A, Yes, Our carrier is optimized for heavier loads (60 kg), it can easily carry 2 e-bikes of different models and sizes. MovaNext is also perfect for longer e-bikes, eg. e-bikes with middle motors.
Q, I’ve lost my manual, is there a copy online?
A,  No problem, all our manuals can be found here in PDF.
Q, I have a question or complaint, how do I contact you?
A, Our contact and company info can be found via this page.